Taxpayer to Taxpayer Ersel Schuster - Republican Candidate McHenry County Board - Dist. 6
Taxpayer to TaxpayerErsel Schuster - Republican CandidateMcHenry County Board - Dist. 6

Taxpayer to Taxpayer Newsletters...

     Listed below are a few sample publications I have produced outlining issues the McHenry County Board has dealt with in the past.  These issues affect each of us.


     As a member of this board, I worked to bring you current information as these issues were being discussed and before final decisions were made.


     Since that time l have posted several articles on various publications; the best way to access them is by going to and typing in Ersel Schuster.


     Internet accessibility makes it easier and less expensive to produce and get the newsletters/articles out and I will make every effort to stay current on issues that we need to address


     As always, your input and comments are welcome.



Paid for by Ersel C. Schuster, Candidate

T to T cut 11.2.pdf
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T to T newsltr 12-27-17.pdf
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T to T March 2016-1.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [272.2 KB]
T to T 1-12-15-1.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [355.9 KB]
T to T 12-2015-1.pdf
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REDUCING cnty TAXES 9-15-15.pdf
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