Taxpayer to Taxpayer Ersel Schuster - Republican Candidate McHenry County Board - Dist. 6
Taxpayer to TaxpayerErsel Schuster - Republican CandidateMcHenry County Board - Dist. 6

Duties and Responsibilities of County Board Members

Illinois has more local governments than nearly all other states in the nation totaling nearly 8,000 units. County boards are relatively new as they were established in the early 1970's when changes were made to the Illinois State Constitution. These changes were intended to “more equitably” address the one-man-one-vote concept.


Prior to that, the county board was made up of the 17 township supervisors, known as the McHenry County Board of Supervisors. With the changes made in the 1970's, the county board added a new layer of government adding 24 new public officials.  As of 2016, another office was added... that of the county board chairman making that 25 county board officials.


In the 1970's, the county was divided into 3 county board districts. Each of the three districts had 8 members. Since that time the county has changed this makeup to 6 districts with 4 members per district.


We now have a county board chairman eager to "manage" new changes to the board makeup.  This is something the public needs to watch closely as our representation the county board is at stake.


County governments in Illinois provide a variety of services. The number of services generally depends on citizen demand. Among these services are law enforcement for the unincorporated areas, maintaining the county jail, the judicial systems, road building and maintenance for county roads, operating the county election system, the county nursing home, emergency services, land planning and zoning enforcement, over-site of all public records, and public health services to name a few.


Each member is assigned, and serves on, a series of committees.  These committees work with several departments to ensure a smooth-running operation.


County board members are responsible for oversite of all departments.  Their duties include providing facilities, management and upkeep of county properties, budget review and approval for all departments, and approval of the levy to fund county government.  All taxing bodies are funneled into the overall county budgeting process and with the total taxing of county residents in excess of $230,000,000 of our dollars.


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