Taxpayer to Taxpayer Ersel Schuster - Republican Candidate McHenry County Board - Dist. 6
Taxpayer to TaxpayerErsel Schuster - Republican CandidateMcHenry County Board - Dist. 6

A Personal Message From Ersel...

I am placing my name on the March 20, 2018 Primary Election ballot for the McHenry County Board from District 6.


Before making the commitment to support me, I would sincerely like you to understand that I am not a candidate who goes along with the crowd to be popular… I fully understand that it is critical that we not continue voting in to office people who are rubber-stamp... “yes” men and women. 


My record, often to my own detriment, is that I do stand up for you and against those who say... “don’t rock the boat,” “just go along…” with more of the same taxing and spending!


It is often said that government does not give you anything it hasn’t taken from someone else… i.e. taxes!


Most running for elected office state that they are in the race because they think we need to “reduce taxes.”  Somehow it is always someone else needing to figure out what that means.


Here is what we can do...


The only way to halt government’s insatiable appetite for our hard earned money is to elect people who are capable of identifying the cause for increasing taxes; understand the history of issues; able to work for solutions that will actually reduce taxes; and be able to stand strong in the face of political pressures.


Having served on the county board in the past, I have the experience and understand the history that makes me dangerous to the elite political class in McHenry County.


I work on issues, ignoring political pressure. Most elected to office do not grasp that concept and are quickly sucked into the fold. They succumb to political power brokers and the need to be seen as being with the “in-crowd.”


Included in this website, is the document, “Proposing Cost Reductions for McHenry County Government.”  Sections of the document can be viewed on the "Reducing TAXES" page; or, by opening the full document by clicking on the PDF file at the upper right side of the page.


Input and conclusions in this document were gathered when I brought together taxpayers from across the county.  Our goal was to offer an “overview” and “recommendations” for each of 7 examples where county government could begin reviewing potential reductions in/of programs and services.  Should you be interested in discussing these recommendations you can contact me at: 815-338-2207 or at


These suggestions, while they may be controversial and will make some people uncomfortable, will reduce county government by MILLIONS.   If we want honest reductions in the county tax levy, this is where it must begin.


The document was presented to the county board on 9/15/15 and as of this date, and from current information, the document has been ignored!


Our county board members must be willing and capable of beginning serious decisions on eliminating duplicate or redundant services/programs. 


Every taxpayer in this county deserves nothing less.


I ask for your support and vote on 3/20/18 to continue this work on our behalf.


Paid for by Ersel C. Schuster, Candidate



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